Your WAM membership targets this opportunity so you can enjoy all areas of your life to the max.  

A 12 month membership gives you 16 Wellbeing Workouts consisting of over 100 short, attention grabbing videos offering practical guidance, ideas and opportunities for proactive and restorative improvements in Wellbeing. This is married with a selection of simple to use downloadable worksheets, exercises, self-assessments and templates as well as postcards you can print and send to colleagues, family and friends and a series of audio guided relaxation, visualisation and stress release exercises. You will also be able to track your personal wellbeing by completing a weekly 30 second survey to ensure you are looking after yourself and noticing the benefits.

Most wellbeing provision is reactive after the event. WAM provides a proactive preventative opportunity to build resilience and a tool kit full of practical ways to improve as well as recover (in that moment of wobble).